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Raised: 45000
We have plans to establish at least 1000 HUNGER FREE SCHOOLs.
Your sincere Support and Donations are our main strength to move forward!

Universal Environmental Human Rights Foundation is all about bringing the light of education to the underprivileged. This very important goal is the Originator of the idea “Hunger Free School” Most of the poor and Unprivileged Children are hungry and they are deprived of the light of Education due to their economical and
social condition. They lose their interest in Education due to Hunger. They work hard or beg to survive.
Many are involved in Various criminal activities for Hunger. For the hungry children of the slums and the poor Children of the Villages to create interest in studying in exchange for food, a project called ” Hunger free School” has been launched.

The concept of “Hunger free School” is very simple. If you study, we will give you food “Food with study – Study with Food “.

You can be our companion with the Help of  Disadvantaged Children. You can change the world with it. Please donate.
Be a social worker. Help the world. Help the poor people.